Advanced Trained Massage Therapist


I was lead into bodywork after a bad car accident that changed my ability to move my shoulder and arm for 12 painful years.  Massage therapy changed my life by healing my body and giving me hope again, including a new life purpose.  

I have been on a dedicated mission to help others find a natural healing process to help people suffering from chronic discomfort or lack of movement, move more, with less pain. 

My intent is to help increase the quality of life by educating others how our structural and anatomical patterns affect our movement experience.  After all, doesn't it come down to how we feel when we move or if we can move? You can feel better and should have hope. 

I have been passionately training specifically for those typical chronic  issues or painful movement challenges. And with all the new technology and body knowledge, Science has proven we can manipulate the body without being invasive and help it heal. 

Your body is a true miracle that wants and requires therapeutic massage to  instill and support healthy movement patterns. It has proven it works again and again in my practice, and all around me. Massage therapy is a natural gift that supports the entire person as a whole. It's all connected and we can move it and communicate with it so it responds as a system for over all improved balance and health.

So what are you waiting for? 

Permission? You have it. 

Make a choice to feel better and book your treatment session right now knowing it is your body's right.  



North River Massage Therapy in Kennebunk, Maine.  

Massage Therapy that EMPOWERS and HEALS


Science has proven that massage therapy can help the body heal.  

Make a choice to try something new that has worked for over 5000 years with proven effectiveness.



Your body requires massage therapy and visceral manipulation because we move, and things get stuck or we're recovering from injuries or surgeries. Sometimes we need to move things back to where they belong as a result of life's circumstances while experiences take their toll. The good news is science  has proven when we put things back in balance, it helps maintain overall  health and movement quality and capability.  So you CAN feel better.

Which basically means, however you figure it, YOU, your Body - your only LIFETIME VESSEL is $WORTH$ it!  Invest in yourself. Feel better.

self-aware. self-empower. self-heal. naturally.   

Massage Therapy helps with the healing process for:

Chronic pain, stress, insomnia, depression, low energy levels, anxiety, hypotension, TMJ, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, headaches & migraines, joint stability, chronic knee pain, leg cramps, neck pain or artery and nerve impingement, back injuries & pain, Range of Motion restrictions and or pain with movement, tennis elbow, bursa impingement, lack of movement, Scar tissue restrictions from injury or surgery, pre & post surgeries, for muscle strains and adhesions, inflammation in the tissue systems, IBS, Reflux Acid Disorder, and more. 

I want to help, check out my massage therapy advanced training to see how I will help you move more with less discomfort.  I promise you, you will not be disappointed. 

North River Massage Therapy is conveniently located in Kennebunk, Maine.  Just ask for Sarah Bound Grosse.

De-Stress Haven


This beautiful, serene environment was built to encompass you as if you were outside in nature.   

Come experience massage therapy the way it should be experienced in a safe, clean and beautiful space that transcends peace of mind and relaxation. 

This haven and massage therapy experience can help renew you so you can be your better, stronger, more mobile, healthier you. Invest in your only life vessel, you are reason enough. 

To enhance the natural healing treatment, only organic, natural, safe and effective  products are used; specifically selected for you because of their awesomeness!

All massage products are not only organic and effective, they are also proven safe on our largest organ - our skin, for you and your loved ones, including our animals and planet.  

Even all office supplies, cleaning supplies are eco friendly and had humanity in mind when chosen for your experience or purpose in this amazing practice. 

From the natural daylight savings, efficient windows, to the energy efficient light fixtures and low-flow bathroom fixtures: all are are eco-friendly. 

Come experience North River Massage Therapy in beautiful Kennebunk, Maine for yourself and let the stress fall away.  

Without a doubt, you will feel better and rejuvenated. 

Let Sarah Bound Grosse's advanced training in these specific areas and the massage therapy experience help move your healing process forward.  There is good reason for hope.

Move more, feel better at North River Massage Therapy, Kennebunk, Maine

self-aware. self-empower. self-heal. naturally.